Still nice and cold but…..

9 degrees in Frederic with no new snow overnight. There was a truck and trailer parked out back yesterday from someone that stopped in to go for a ride but the sled traffic has been still next to nothing. I still firmly believe its a little to soon to ride yet as what we have is all lake effect. We still need that base. I have talked to several people around the area this morning as I am still in Kalamazoo at my moms. I think north of Frederic there is more snow but its still the same story with lake effect. Where is our system snow to firm things up? I also think that no matter what that there will continue to be more riders trying out for just a short ride as nobody wants to wait. Sledheads is open if you need anything, except the one thing we need most we don’t have….SNOW…..I know everyone gets excited because they see all the pics online of all the snow and yes its nice and white out there but we still need that base. .Be patient it will come. TV 9 and 10 called me yesterday as they wanted to do a story on the lack of sledding snow and of course I told them I would love to do that but unfortunately I was out of town so I sent them on to Kieth at Fays Motel who is the all wise and knowing groomer headmaster for the AVSA II will post the story here when they get it up.Thanks for checking in. Pete

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