Still great trails

In the 17 years I have been doing this trail report I have never been able to say that trails are as good as they are for so long. While we really could use a new shot of snow things are still holding very well and I will attribute that to the nice cold temps. It was way more sunny than I would like to see yesterday but it didn’t seem to hurt us at all. Many riders in from all over including many OSSA members. Even Fred from Brighton was in, Neon Mike brought me a nice selection of coney dogs from 5 different coney places in Flint so that was very nice. I also forgot to mention about last week that Tom and Deb brought me coneys from Zeus Coney Island in lansing….One other thing I have been forgetting to mention is that I am gathering trail maps from all over the state and Neon Mike is laminating them for me. I have 5 or 6 different ones hanging in the store here now and will continue to add to my collecition of them as I get different maps. I do not have enough wall space to hang them all so I am trying to figure out how people can look at them when they come in . If you have a favorite area you ride and want to see a map check with me and see if I have it, also if you have a map from a spot I would like one of those if you could bring it in to me or check with me to see if I have it. I have not talked about the webcam all winter and still it is not broadcasting online like it used to. I need to get on that project so you can look in for yourself and see how things are. And one more thing is someone was in and said I haven’t talked much about eating SPAM this year. Well I guess that slipped by me. While I have to say business has been o.k. it hasn’t been as busy as I would like to see and I say that is because there is so much great snow all over the state that it has everybody really spread out. That is great for snowmobiling and that’s what is making it a little slower here than usual. Thank goodness for a real winter for a change. Trailer counts this morning were 6 at the days inn and 34 at the Ramada. ¬†Below are a couple pictures I took yesterday. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 1 photo 2

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