still finding snow

So I find myself back at my page here again this morning. I went off yesterday to a favorite mushroom spot and pretty much got buried in snow. I measured 12 inches of thick heavy stuff where I was at and had a heck of a time getting my truck back out of there. I kept heading in figuring it cant be that bad but believe me there was alot of it. I have no doubt I could take a sled up to that area and ride a mile or so. Needless to say there were no mushrooms and below are pics I  took there. This morning I went 3 miles north of frederic to check on a house I have listed and there was alot of snow back in there still….also one of the pics from yesterday is a picture of a little baby squirrel that was hanging out with us at home last night. I think he thought I was his mom, he did wander off finally but I doubt that he will make it. He was a friendly little guy and kept following us. I think he fell out of his nest….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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