Still cold, crunchy and sunny

Its all the way up to 15 now this morning. The sun is out and roads are dry with shoulders receding. No forcast of snow for this coming week with 3 days of 40 predicted which will most likely put the hurt to the trails. Things looked really good yet this morning with still alot of white on the trails but where trails cross the roads they are getting pretty dirty. Fresh groomer tracks from grayling from last night. I have seen 2 sleds ride into town here so far this morning. For being sunny for 3 days I am surprised at how great things have held up but its bound to start melting. We made it 6 good weeks in a row which must be some kind of record compared to the past few seasons. I thought I would have some people stopping in yesterday on their way back from the u.p. but none did, but there was one set of guys that came in that had been here all week but were on their way to the u.p. I checked the fatality statistics yesterday and it seems that the death count has moved up to 16 which ties last year. Lets hope it stays there. I am still hoping to get out for some riding instead of being tied up in here. I am thinking of buying a 12 pack of Budweiser and a foot long sub and riding out to see the mountain man as today is his birthday and I figure that would make him pretty happy. He hits 57 today. So thats about it for today…Think about doing some snow chanting…maybe I can teach the chant to MM and he can take care of that for us. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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