Still cold and blowing

Its still cold and blowing and I have to say I am surprised by the lack of riders. Well Friday was still our busiest day so far this season there just weren’t that many sleds out there. Same thing for today Saturday, its going to be the second good day of sales in here but there just aren’t as many around as I would have thought seeing that this is our first “real” weekend of riding. My thoughts are the storms and cold all around the state made people stay home. The rider that have been in are reporting good riding conditions. On both Thursday and Friday the Alabama boys have been in here to see me but they missed me both times. I might have got a picture of their sleds though all lined up in front of the Frederic Inn yesterday, pic is below along with the port a potty with the blown off door. Motel survey tells it all from this morning, 4 trailers at M 72 motel, zero at the Days Inn and 7 trailers at the Ramada. That’s about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Petephoto 32 photo 33

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