still calm and quiet in frederic

I just got into the shop here about a half hour ago. Thursdays are always tied up in town for me and I went to visit an old friend who has had hospice called in so I went to see him while I could….so anyways about another inch of snow last night and the temps are gonna stay cold for the weekend but no new predictions of new snow for the weekend. I think we will pull off the weekend with decent riding but its gonna look well worn by the time sunday rolls around. I looked at trails and crossing on the way here and I thought they looked pretty good but the first sleds of the day just rode into here and I was actually shocked that when I asked  the guy how the trails were he said they sucked. I sure didnt think they looked that bad. They had just rode down from gaylord. I talked to Keith this morning and he said things were still in pretty good shape and we have certainly had way worse conditions than this in the past. I  still think there will be a good amount of riders this weekend…My cottage is still open if anyone is looking for a nice place to stay. Gonna post a couple pics below a guy gave me yesterday….Thanks for checking in. Pete 551214DC-E096-4F37-B2B9-950EF190C48D0A557B9A-5932-4205-BA88-B3B216E5D0FD

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