Still Blowing and snowing lightly

Its still blowing and snowing lightly. Snows have drifted in several places, icicles have been forming curved from the wind blowing on them, I haven’t seen that before. The Big Mac bridge was closed for over 8 hours yesterday till they started letting vehicles back over. I see from facebook that Matt Melling was having a good time waiting on the bridge to open so he could ride the u.p. Sled traffic was much busier than I thought it would be yesterday with everyone still reporting good trails so we lucked out and skated thru that scary weather forcast which now says cold temps for the next week. There was even a group of new York sledders in here yesterday. I haven’t heard from the Alabama gang this week. Reed was in here this morning and he said he was playing golf yesterday in Mississippi yesterday and then drove over a thousand miles to get here to ride his sled. Trailer counts this morning were 2 at the Days Inn and 16 at the Ramada so that’s a fair amount. If anyone is up here from Kalamazoo and heading back home this weekend I have a box that I need to get to my brother in kzoo. He can come to your or it can be dropped at Ziggys Auto Sales on westnedge. Give me a call if we can work that out. Below isĀ  picture of a group that was leaving here yesterday when it was blowing hard…Thanks for checking in. Pete OOps, almost forgot the most important cops, The Michigan State Police Rail enforcement train will be traveling thru Frederic and up to Gayord today so STAY AWAY FROM THE TRACKS ! which you should do automatically.

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