Railroad tracks thruout michigan are all private property and you have to stay away from them. What makes it confusing is that alot of trails run near them and its your responsibility to know what you can and cant do especially here in frederic. What makes it even trickier here is the trail from gaylord runs down along the tracks on the west side of them. Then when you get here to frederic the signage is not good and when you are at hulbert road the trail is on the west side of the tracks. ( and then to even make it more confusing its not really the trail anymore but its still kinda marked) what a mess….The other problem is that many riders dont know the tracks are there till its to late so thats where you need to be aware of where you are riding. Last night up in front of the frederic inn there were 6 or 7 sleds all parked right next to the tracks, if the train came thru that would have been interesting. The train comes thru during the week but I do not see it on the weekends. I checked trails on the way here this morning and things are still very white but snirty in the corners. Fresh groomer marks coming down from gaylord. The snow bunny and bad ass mike saga continues as they called me yesterday and they thought sandi had blown a heat exchanger. A coyote hunter towed them back to frederic and I gave them a ride back to the motel to get their trailer, then sandi falls on the trailer and hurts her knee…..Maybe I am bad luck for them….Trailer counts this morning were 12 at the days inn and 72 at the ramada give or take a couple. Its hard to count when they are parked every which way. Fays Motel was full of sleds too on the north end of town. I could see all the sleds there but they park the trailers out back, it looks cool with just a motel full of sleds and no trailer to block the view. .Lots of new people coming in that havent been here before. Its crispy and cold out there this morning and as I was walking in about 5 sleds pulled up in front of the swamp and I could hear them talking about where they could get breakfast and the one guy said he had never been here before so I hollered over to them to tell them to head down the road 2 miles….the sound was travelling good this morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete    The picutre below is from my buddy bobs Jimmy Buffet party last night… was fun as usual but our night got cut short because Haley called and said the beagle got sick by the front door and made a bit of a mess for us to come home to…..I sure do love that stupid, blind, diabetic,helen keller, cuddly beagle.

Pete, Bernie & Bob

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