Starting to look better

Its starting to look better with about a new 1 or 2 inch snowfall overnight. Its now 11:30 on sunday morning in Frederic. Right after I got here at ten a group of people came in and said they rode 200 miles around here in the past couple of days. That has to be a tough ride as the first group I had in here yesterday rode trail 7 up from lake margrethe and wanted me to give them a ride back home. Groomers are still a long ways off from going out and I took a look behind Fays Motel this morning and there the groomers sat snow covered and looking like they wish they could get out on the trails. So slowly and inch by inch we should be able to start building a base. At one time yesterday I did count 18 sleds over at the swamp. I don’t think there were more than 5 or 6 sleds that rode into my lot here yesterday. I even had a visit from the ever elusive Mountain Man. I told him how I saw his story that was on the Huffington Post. He said that the camera crew flew here from California to do that interview with him. Even one of the Alabama boys told me they heard it on the radio down in Alabama and speaking of the boys from L.A. (lower Alabama) I know they are chomping at the bit to get up here and ride too. Hopefully soon. Here is a link to quick video I shot out front yesterday.   Thanks for checking in. Pete


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