Start the snow chants again

Start the snow chants again cause we could use a new blast of snow. What we had is well worn now after the weekend and even though I didn’t think it was that busy out there the snow we had definitely got packed in and used up. There is a light lake effect snow in the air right now but we need a lot of it. Sled traffic sunday was very light and most people that stopped in here were on their way home. I have to say that there were many new first timers that came in to say hi that are readers on here and that’s always nice to meet new people. It seems like its almost exciting for people coming here for their first time. I always say that I have been here way to many times myself, usually tucked away in my little corner in my mess of an office. But that being said I still love meeting everyone coming in. There was one family that stopped by and their pic is below, I believe they said they were from Washington, Mi. I am thinking Mike & Debbie and their son but I am horrible at remembering names. On the other hand a regular reader in here Horner, turned 51 yesterday so happy birthday to him, below is a picture of him from a couple years ago when he met the Mountain Man outside and even tried on the Mountain Mans beaver skin hat. That took a very brave soul to do that and since then Horner has lost his hair….(you never know what lives in the MM’s hat). And last for today are a couple pics of the sled fire from Saturday night, one of them with the Formula 3 lit up like a bonfire and the next pic from the following morning with just a pile of melted scrap. Thanks for checking in. Pete

pic1 pic2 pic3 4

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