South To Grayling, report from Wayne

Well I returned home to Grayling last night after Haley and I made our whirlwind trip to Detroit for the tigers game and then a visit to the Henry Ford Museum yesterday. I haven’t been thru there since the early 80s. Very nice and interesting. So anyways here is Waynes report on his return journey from Alaska.

Today was a good and bad day.  I spent too long on the Icefield Parkway so I didn’t make the mileage I needed.   The weather turned out great after a real brisk morning (I would guess 40’s) and the scenic viewing areas were real busy.  Great roads with big sweepers and huge vistas.  Lots of people from overseas.  I felt like I was the only one from North America at some stops.  Met a couple that lived in the town (Singlefingen) I used to stay in when in Germany.  Saw a moose jump a pretty good fence without much of a running start.

I am in Swift Current Saskatchewan tonight and need to have a couple big mileage days to get into Grayling before 9:00 PM Friday.  Sometimes big mileage days work and sometimes they don’t.  We will see.  Bike is running like a champ.  I plan on staying North of the border until Minnesota as that the traffic is moving pretty good.
South to Grayling.
End Polio Now.
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