Sorry I lied

Sorry I lied, its now almost 5 on Thursday and I have not had a chance to get on here all day. So here is things briefly. Conditions are phenomenal right now. I drove to Gaylord earlier and the trail all along 27 was as perfect today as it was yesterday. Trouble is the weather man is touting us with predictions of freezing rain tonight along with warm temps¬† fri and sat and I am hoping he is wrong. So my best guess for this weekend is its a crap shoot. Darned if you do and darned if you don’t.¬† A little rain and warmth wont hurt us but I cant tell you to Monday how it really works out. I will still try and get this weeks ride story and pictures in here tomorrow. I go away for a day or two and its hard to get caught up. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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