Something seems wrong

Something seems wrong, we have excellent snow and riding conditions, its a long weekend with Martin Luther King weekend, Tip up Town is going on in Houghton lake and there is no one here. This morning on my motel survey, zero trailers at the days inn and 2 at the Ramada. Each year at this time a whole group of hummers show up at the ramada to go out and run thru the woods, hopefully staying off the snowmobile trails and there are about 12 of them at the ramada. I did see a few sleds at Fays motel on the way here. Sled traffic was slow in Frederic yesterday and I would have thought that it would have gotten busier after the snow on Wednesday.. I guess we will have to wait to see how the weekend comes out after it is over with. Right now I have to say I am very surprised at the lack of people around. I don’t think its the economy but maybe its the snow is everywhere factor. Now on to better things. Congratulations to Brian Lavoy from Ohio as he was the only person I heard from at the time the counter hit 750,000. He chimed in at 750,015 so he gets the $20 certificate to the Frederic Inn. There were no takers on the buy one get one free Spike burgers so maybe I will claim one of them. Also a big THANK YOU and a bow to Tom & Deb Rawlings who stopped in last night with a fresh delivery of Coneys from Zues Coney Island in Lansing. I know what I am having for lunch today. They fixed me up quite a few times last year too. So time to get to work. Ride Safe everybody and thanks for checking in. Pete

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