Someone was thinking SNOW

IMG_7320Someone was thinking snow and I like that, the picture below here I took this morning in Grayling. I couldn’t pass it up. Its been pretty hot and this is our big weekend of the summer with the Ausable River Festival and the big canoe race. Town already is and will continue to be a  zoo all weekend. If you have never been to the start of the race join the huge crowd on the riverbanks downtown for the start at 9 Saturday night. If you want to catch a glimpse of me I will be in the parade Saturday afternoon as I drive the Grand Marshall of the parade thru. Now something new on the Tech front that I learned about this week which will be great for this coming winter but also for next week so I can stream live video from the activities in Sturgis for the motorcycle rally. If you have twitter go to the app store and find periscope and download that app. Then follow @sledheadsusa and then follow me. Whenever I start to broadcast you can see it live or it will save that clip for about 24 hours and then its gone after that. I will be sending out videos and getting in practice so I can do them this winter when the snow is deep and its nice and cold outside. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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