Some people have all the luck

Some people have all the luck, namely my niece Andrianna & my newphew Anthony both who happen to be living in Boston. I wish we could have the snow that they have or at least some of it. No new snow here but Monday was a very busy day. A lot of people stayed over for presidents day and trails have held up well. It was a picture perfect day for riding yesterday as it was sunny and 17 degrees out there. Towards late afternoon it slowed up as people started heading home. It supposed to be cold the rest of the week but start to warm up a bit on Friday so that should make for a good riding weekend. Maybe winter is finally under way for us. Below are a couple pics I took of sleds out front yesterday, haven’t seen the eyes over the lenses before. These sleds are from the Aldridge gang……less the senior member as he was on his way up yet. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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