Some days its just good to be in Frederic

Some days its just good to be in Frederic. Not many people come thru the door here in the summer but today Prince Albert in a Can stopped in for a visit. I went riding with him years ago and he has long since given his sleds away. He says that all he does is golf now and he was on his way up to Marsh Ridge. He had stopped at Judys Pies in Linwood and came in with this very yummy and big Apple Pie….What a great snack and it was good to see him and share some pie with him..Thanks Prince Albert and even though he doesn’t ride anymore its good to know he still watches my updates……Meanwhile I am off to the Firemens Memorial Festival in Roscommon…not really sure I am liking the weather forcast for this weekend..Thanks for checking in. Petephoto 1 photo 2

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