Snowy and Quiet in Frederic

Its up to Saturday afternoon here in Frederic, I got here at 6:30 this morning to make sure I got the place all plowed out, We really had some snow fall here yesterday I would say 6 to 8 inches of new nice heavy snow so that helps alot with our base. I have quite the day yesterday on my trip downstate and then on the way back just north of Big Rapids I had a tire go flat and that was the next part of my fun day. Anyways back to sledding I did the motel survey this morning and there were five trailers at the Ramada and zero at the Days Inn in grayling. I have always said that even when we do have good snow in December it just doesnt kick in good until after Christmas. The real die hards are out for a while but the crowds just arent here yet. I did see the gaylord groomer again last night up by marsh ridge, so thats 2 nights in a row that I have seen them. I am pasting pics of the 3 new shirts I got in yesterday…The Blue Bear shirt, The new Barb Wire shirt for this season and the loud and obnoxious 80s look t…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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