Snowing Saturday morning in Frederic

Lake effect snow is falling here right now and we had about another inch over night. Yesterday Haley was here with me all day cause there was no school. We got my sled out and rode the trail up to waters for lunch and it was as good as any time of year with a fresh groom on it. We didnt break thru to the dirt anywhere on the way up or the way back. While we were up there John who has a place at heart lake saw us standing there and came back to say that I inspired him. He had just picked up a new sled for his wife and wanted to come down and get some oil so he could go for a ride too. On the way back to Sledheads Haley and I buzzed over to the top of mount frederic. I wish we would have rode further. I will put 3 pics below here from yesterday, 2 of them on top of mt frederic and the other while we were in waters is a bit blurry. The whole month of march when we had such great snow I never put my plow on as we just kept packing it down here but I had to put my plow on this morning to move all the snow that the road commision plows piled up for us by the drives. The snow was so thick and heavy that it had to be moved. So as I was plowing Kevin stopped in and said he and Craig rode all last night and that the blue bear was as good as ever too….this is one of those things like I said earlier in the montth that those were here to enjoy it would have a good ride. Also I did talk to Don in Seney and he said their motel was full with people coming to ride this weekend. So who knows when this will all end but it is still kind of fun. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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