Snowing and Blowing

Six Days to Go……..Its snowing and blowing in downtown Frederic, not really any new snow since yesterday but it sure looks wintery out there. Ice is starting to form around the shores of Lake Margrethe and  I drove by Jones Lake a while ago and it was all skimmed over with ice. It will be interesting to see how the week progresses. I cant believe I missed it but Jeremy Nowka didn’t miss it, the counter was at 650,000 this morning and he was the guy that was there at the right time. Glad he caught that and it seems to me that at the 600,000 mark no one even claimed it, so Jeremy gets a Sledheads T shirt and by one get one Free Spike Burger from Spikes in Grayling. I guess just for the heck of it the tenth, eleventh and twelveth callers to me after I post this will get Spikes Buy One get on Spike burger cards too. Please tell your friends about my page and suggest it to your friends on facebook too…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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