Snowing and Blowing

Its snowing and blowing out and for the first time in a long time its from a clipper. Kind of nice to see real snow hitting us. So far it hasn’t started stacking up so we have to see if I need to put my plow on. I was here till late last night and I actually saw sleds leaving the swamp about ten thirty. There were some sleds out and about. The Mackinac Bridge is closed this morning due to accidents and white outs. They said they expect it to be closed a few hours. Not much else exciting going on. One thing that I did learn yesterday was that one of the guys from South Africa has a great last name. His last name is Snowball……that is a new one but a great one  me. Also local legend Scotty Bobby stopped by here yesterday and dropped me off a gift, picture of it is below. His motto is “Always wear a helmet. Always”  He comes up with some pretty wild videos and stunts that he does. Thanks for the mug Scotty and thanks for checking in. Also just got a message from Brian Kosztowny that he found the missing cold beer hat in the middle of the trail between grayling and lovells. Thanks Brian, just drop it by when you can. Pete

scotty b


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