Snowflakeless in Frederic

Snowflakeless in Frederic, not a flake of new snow yesterday or last night. At least its cold out, why cant we get some of Chicago or Bostons snow? Trails still look about the same from the weekend and I have seen way worse before. I plan on going for a ride somewhere tomorrow for a bit. I heard of another sled death that happened down by Clare. I believe that brings the count up to 9 now. There are a couple that aren’t on the state report yet. Here is a link to the state report and just look over the cause and ages of the riders.      Also below is a pic of one of the Pennsylvania boys, Jim who was the lucky winner of a new trailer from the PSSA (Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association). Now he only wishes he could use that new trailer to come to Michigan to ride.

jims trailer

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