Snow is in the air….

Snow is in the air on this presidents day in downtown Frederic, Fluffy lake effect is falling so while it looks very nice it will take a lot to amount to anything. No sleds in so far this morning and while it was a busy sunday for this long weekend it looks like a lot of riders went home. Trailer counts were way down this morning to 5 at the Days Inn and 18 at the Ramada, still a lot for a Monday morning. I am not sure if I will get an update on in the next couple days or not. I am planning on riding out of here tomorrow morning and heading for the u.p. I will try to put something on with my phone if I get a chance. Still waiting to hear from Chubby Roger to see if he is going with me. I am going to Strongs to the Clarke Motel or at least that’s my goal. I am looking forward to a good ride and loop around the u.p. Pics below are the horse trailer from the Ramada, he said they could get four sleds and all their gear in there so its a good incognito sled trailer, the other riders out front of the shop are from Atlanta Georgia and were here enjoying the snow. They are related to Francis the groomer driver. Sure with they would have brought me some coneys from the Varsity in Atlanta. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0210 IMG_0222

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