Snow is back?

Well kinda back, we have had 2 to 3 inches of lake effect snow here in frederic overnight. My friend east of frederic said he had more like 5 inches at this place. While all this sounds good it is still very wet below all that and very slushy, I went over to a guys place yesterday that has been plowed all winter but with the rains and the warmth I was moving thru 8 inches of slush in 2 wheel drive and my back tires started spinning so I had to go into 4 wheel….While trails looked nice and white out there I am sure the slush factor would be very tough riding. It still only 25 out there and like yesterday I havent heard or seen any sleds. So onwards from there. One thing I didnt mention yesterday about my return trip home from the u.p. was that I stopped to see an old friend and retired marine that lives in Engadine. I am sure many of you have spotted his place as you go down US 2 past Engadine as he always has his USMC flag flying out at the end of his driveway. His name is Bob Blevins and he and his wife Dee built a camp for veterans to get away to and I would like to make more people aware of it and you can pass it on to veterans that you may know. “Giving Back” is the primary purpose of the Camp. Tha main focus of this facility is to offer a place for members of our returning Military that may be in the recovery process. These Veterans can use this Camp to ride ATV’s, go fishing , hunting, hiking or simply relax and enjoy nature in one of the most beautiful places in Michigans Upper Pennisula. The is No Charge For anything, These Vets have already paid. His phone number is 906-477-0025. Here is a link to his video that tells about the camp.     On to this past weekend again, while I was gone my best friend Josh stopped in at the shop and from his picture it looks like maybe I can leave him here and I can go away more often…Thanks Josh.   josh

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