Snow in the air

We had about 2 inches of new snow since yesterday, It feels a little lake effecty but has a pack to it too. There were only 2 sleds that rode here into frederic yesterday but I know there were other sleds out and about that I have heard about from other people. I am going out for a ride in a little while with a customer that I listed his secluded cabin that you cant drive to so I figure that gives us a good excuse to ride. I would think riders that I see today will be mostly locals. I checked the motels this morning and there were zero trailers at the Days Inn and only 2 at the Ramada but I have to say that I think that those that will be out there today will be pleasantly surprised. In coming home from kzoo yesterday the snow looks pretty thin at Cadillac and gets thicker the more north you come. I am going to paste a few pics I took out front of the shop here this morinng with my 2 sleds I pulled out that we are going to ride. Unfortunately one of the other things I did here first thing this morning is update the death count on my sign out on the wrecked sled display, it jumped from 17 to 22 which is 6 more deaths than last season. Pictures are below and thanks for checking in. PeteĀ  its now 10:30 a.m. and I just saw the grayling groomer go by the shop here….Cool….

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