Snow in the air

There is snow in the air right now at about 11:15 on Monday morning at 19 degrees. We had about a quarter inch of lake effect so we have a long ways to go. Conditions are very, very icy on dirt areas including my lot here which I slid around a lot on when I got here. Went to a friends down a dirt 2 track and going about 5 miles an hour I still slid past his drive. Fell hard on an ice patch at the storage units yesterday so you get the picture. I had three people stop in yesterday afternoon about 2 and they were heading to newberry to ride for the afternoon. They had to be back today and I told them I wouldn’t think they would get much of a ride in. I hope it worked out for them but hey at least they had the gumption to try it. I told them to go up a couple miles past timber charlies parking lot and take I think its 446 to the west to the end. That’s a great place to start up there when conditions are bad in the swamp in town. I caught up on the Darkside Adventures  blog last night. They have been having quite a trip with lots of snow. They have great pictures and Rod writes impeccably well so if you need to pass time I highly recommend following them. If you go to their site read the frostbytes blog and the go under tracking and click tracker 2 and you can see exactly where they are at. For the first time ever they got held up a couple days because of a breakdown but you can see by their story they have met incredible people willing to help them out. They finally made it across the big water to the Gaspe Pennisula to continue their journey. Thanks for checking in.All pics below I borrowed from their blog and are from this week in Quebec…Thanks for checking in. Pete1517086420161 IMG_0235 IMG_0242 image1+(3) image4

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