I was pleasantly surprised to wake up at lake margrethe with an inch of slushy white stuff everywhere. I raked the front yard last night but this morning it was all white. Here in frederic we have about 2 inches of new snow and not quite as slushy. I wouldnt be surprised to see someone try it out. I am putting a few pics below that I took this morning. One of my truck and yes I already had the sled on the trailer behind it, one of the lake which is still covered with ice, and one of the shop here I took when I pulled up. I have not called Don back yet up in Seney as I am still playing catch up on work. Also here is a link to the webcam in Sturgis South Dakota of main street, they got with with almost 2 feet and this is the second day closed for their schools. Thanks for checking in. Pete2013-04-10_08-56-16_523 2013-04-10_08-58-55_398 2013-04-10_10-04-06_587

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