Snow in Frederic!!

Snow in Frederic, well its not a ton of snow but it is a start, we have had about 4 to 6 inches of new snow and as usual I hear there is more north and west of here, maybe this is our snow to recovery. I got back home last night and on the way north I did see quite a few trailers, of course I don’t know if they were coming here or heading to the u.p. I did hear from Reed who was up in Seney at the Fox River motel and he said riding was good up there. That is great to hear but I would love to see the riding get going around here. I think this is going to bring riders out this weekend but we could stil use a whole bunch more. Our cottage is available this weekend if anyone is interested too. It was a smooth drive back home from Sturgis and roads were great unlike the trip out there. So now its back to work in the real world and hoping that the snow keeps on coming. Also I see we are about 9,000 hit from the one million four hundred thousandth hit on my web counter. The first person to send me a picture of the counter at  1,400,000 gets their choice a $25 gift certificate to Spikes Keg O Nails in downtown Grayling or a Sledheads hoodie. Remember its the first on to me as there have been issues in the past with more than one person landing on that number.Thanks for checking in. Pete

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