Snow has slowed up

The snow has slowed up since yesterday with only about 2 more inches overnight. I have everything plowed up nice now as its supposed to be upper 40s the next few days and I wanted to get it moved before it was to heavy. Tim from Swartz Creek came in and unloaded last night and was excited to go ride, I took video of him running around the building but haven’t had time to mess with it. He took off and was back in a half hour as he said it was unreal and to hard to ride in. The snow was to deep and he couldn’t get going in it with to much coming over the windshield. It all needs to get packed down which the warmth should help us out with. I also talked to another rider who got a ticket yesterday afternoon for no trail permit. He wanted to go out for a ride because of the great snow but didn’t have his new permit yet. Even though the trails aren’t officially open yet you still need your permit. I should have the new “good” permits in on Monday. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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