Slushy, Rainy, & 37

Slushy, Rainy and 37. It .pretty much rained all night and is supposed to keep it up most of today. Lots of dirt and when it finally gets cold and this slushy snow hardens up its gonna make it really rough. Now the good news is that if we get dumped on like the prediction for tonight it might not be that bad, we really need a lot of snow and a lot colder temps then where we are at. I worked outside all day yesterday at my storage units installing a new video surveillance system down there. It was a great day for being outside all day….I will be here at the shop all day and I wonder if anyone will come in at all. Below are pictures I took here this morning, one is my parking lot, the other is the snowmobile parking lot at trail 7 and 612 and the other is the trail 7 at 612 looking south….not very comforting. Snow Chants Everybody MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH and seeing that its Elvis’s 81st birthday today maybe he can send us some snow from up above……Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_9882 IMG_9883 IMG_9884

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