Slow start to the weekend

Looks like a  slow start to the weekend. Maybe everyone came at once last week as there haven’t been to many sleds around the past couple of days. We had only a small amount of lake effect flakes fall over night. It looks like it will be nice temps for riding this weekend except I don’t like it being near 30 as that makes it deteriorate fast. I had a nice talk with Dana from the DNR in Gaylord and she told me that the trails were supposed to be groomed and that she had a grooming schedule that they said what was supposed to be groomed. Apparently because of some reason the north south trail seven from Frederic to Gaylord did not get done as scheduled. The Gaylord club has 96 miles of trail that they groom. I went up and looked at the trail at the north end of Frederic this morning and I could see the tractor tire marks there but not really drag marks although the trail looked decent. I went about another mile up the road to a driveway crossing to check it again and same thing I could see they had gone thru but not much in drag action. So this is my own personal opinion that they are in to much of a hurry and because a full drag might slow them down. Hopefully things will get better as now I know the DNR is aware of the situation. Dana listened to what I had to say and she said she has heard complaints from other people as well.  Like Roz from Monsters Inc said in one of my kids favorite movies, ” I’ve got my eye on you”……at least that’s what I think Dana will be doing. That’s the best I can tell you for now. I hope everyone has a good weekend and I would appreciate feedback too. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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