Sleet and Rain in Frederic

The sleet was coming down heavy a while ago but it has turned to rain now. I am ready for snow as I put my plow on my truck yesterday and already got stuck with it this morning. I had to have my friend Buster come and pull me out. You can see how bad I was stuck from the picture here.

So after getting unstuck I finished pushing my leaves and brought the plow back here to frederic. There is a slim chance that the reason I was stuck was that I wasnt in 4 wheel drive…

Last night the grayling chamber had one of their business after hours up in waters at the new place in town which is Bros Bistro located in the old McDonalds building at the waters exit #272. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by what and how they offer their food there. It is owned by the same family that owns Gobblers in Gaylord and if you want a nice place to go to eat you should check it out. Not your everyday little diner. Nice plates and food presentations and decorated very nicely inside. Their website is

Thanks for checking in and Think Snow…….Pete

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