Sleds, Sleds & more Sleds

Sleds were plentiful in frederic and all around our area yesterday but I have to admit I have seen alot more in town in earlier years. Still a sight to see if you have never been here before as people are amazed to see so many in one place. There were certainly some pretty tricked out sleds in town yesterday and some with some pretty cool wraps on them too. Hard of hearing Mike & his snow bunny Sandy were in and their sleds were very cool, I have video of them but will put a couple close up pics I took of Mikes below. Ohio MIke and Bad leg Barry were in yesterday too along with Toledo Bob and Amy plus a whole lot more of regulars and a bunch of new people too. Its always fun talking to everybody and seeing everyone have a good time. I havent had a fire outside yet this year as I have no wood yet. I get it from a place in town but I need to replace a hub on my trailer so I can go get some. They are closed between christmas and new years so I couldnt get it anyways right now. There was a wierd power surge twice in here on friday and it blew 2 of my cameras. I had a spare that I put in on one and I need to get another one yet. The big main camera is still stuck and not rotating but at night it does give a good view of the piegons sitting in their spot. They were all there last night when I left here about 10 and still setting there this morning when I got back. Haley had fun selling coney dogs in here yesterday and made a little money of course she would have made more except I was eating into her profits. We went to the frederic inn for a good dinner last night where I wore my “man bib”. It worked too and kept the rib sauce off my shirt. Trailer count this morning at Days Inn was 18 and Ramada was at 41. Thats the most so far this season which puts us off to a good start. There is snow falling right now and we had about a half inch of new over night. I had one group of guys in here last night that bought a track from me and put it on in the back room so they could keep riding. They had a good time doing that. Thats about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete101_1635 101_1636 101_1637

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