Sleds just wanna have fun

Sled traffic has been steady all day and its bright and still 17 degrees outside. Trailer counts this morning were 20 at the Ramada and 4 at Days Inn. NO new snow overnight but things are in pretty decent shape. After my powerirde back from Mackinaw yesterday I put my machine back in and had to close early for a friday at 5 as we were going out for Haleys birthday dinner. I talked to Chubby Roger this morning and I had left them yesterday in Mackinaw and they came back the other way thru Pellston and Alanson. We had pulled into Burger King where I grabbed  a burger to get me back home. Roger said 10 minutes after I left Burger King that he ran into the Alabama boys right there in Burger King. Roger had a good conversation with them and they went on for their ride. That was a pretty chance meeting of those guys and I am sorry I didnt get to see them. They still win the long distance sledders award. Last night about 10:30 on our way back home from TC my phone rang and it was the Mountain Man. When I saw it was him I answered and said what are you doing up so late and he was howling in the phone. When I got him to quiet down I asked him if he was in the moonshine. I figured he would be surfacing soon as he gets his money around the first and he usually shows up. I asked him if anyone else had stopped for a picture and he said no but he told me to tell everyone to bring him a t bone steak, then he said it doesnt have to be a t bone, for all he cares he said he would take anything, he said a hind quarters off a donkey or a backstrap from a skunk would do too…He sure is a charactter. Thats about it for today so thanks for checking in. Pete

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