Sleds are out already this morning

I am surprised by how many sleds I saw on the way up here this morning and there have been 2 in all ready. Seems like the riders that are here want to get out there before every one else. Its 20 degrees out and there has been no new snow since yesterday. Sled traffic was steady and medium all day yesterday in frederic and I had reports of heavy traffic up at starvation lake along with reports of a break in at the Hide away bar. Still reports of alot of trees down along the way so if you have a folding pocket saw it wouldnt hurt to carry one with you this weekend to help out. Trailer survey at the Days Inn this morning was 8 and 28 at the Ramada Inn, I like seeing that and I am sure the motel owners do too. Dont forget I have my rental cabin at lake margrethe too if you want a nice place to stay. Its booked for this weekend but wide open past that point.Click on the link at the top of this page for Wayside Inn Cottage. My daughter Haley wants to come here tommorow and sell hot dogs from my Coney Cart so she will be in here selling dogs and coneys so if you want stop in for a hot dog or coney from Haley. Last night a nice young man who is my best friend and reader stopped in to say hi. He has seen every video I have ever put out there and likes reading my ramblings each day. His name is Josh and it was nice to see him and I gave him a good fist bump for being a loyal reader. I see that grayling caught up with frederic on the gas prices now so now everyone is 3.39…..Also below this posting earlier this morning I had some second thoughts about doing it but once again I want to stress the safe riding factor. I wanted to put a face and real story with the accident that happened near Camp Grayling last weekend. Its to bad he came up for a weekend of fun and is now gone. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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