Sled season officially over

Sled season is officially over unless you are going to the u.p. Just talke to a friend who just came back from Grand Marais and said its unbelieveable how deep the snow is with more predicted in the next couple days. Many sleds running between Grand Marais and Deer Park…..I would love to do that. In the mean time we have been moving south down along the coast here and just taking in the sights. Lots of water and houses that I wish I could sell in Grayling. Here is a link to one I saw, just let me know if you are interested    I am also attaching a couple pics of the homes in the hills along Malibu,  and here is a short video I did yesterday too. I was way behind on doing videos this winter, I still have a lot of footage that I took, I just need to get them together, not sure if I really will.  Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 1 photo 2

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