Should make it to Saturday afternoon

Should make it to Saturday afternoon o.k. Its now 1:00 on Thursday and its still 29 degrees out. The riders that have been in today have said its been pretty good. I did see the grayling groomer go by earlier this morning and one of the groomers was just in here and he said he is doing the hanson hills trail tomorrow morning. It was a nice chilly minus 3 degrees this morning so that’s a good help. With the temps predicted for tomorrow I think we will make it o.k. and by Saturday afternoon its supposed to be up to upper 30s if not 40 so things will be pretty much over again. The sooner you can get here to ride the better it will be before its a mess again. That’s the best I can say. Just today I talked to 2 different people out on the trails today that blew tracks and another guy was just in and bought a tow rope for a sled with a blown engine. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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