Short and not Sweet enough

Short and not sweet enough would just about describe our winter season this year. It seemed like we just got going well and whamo we are all done. Its sunny and 43 degrees already this morning and weather said 60 for tommorow. This is where I guess I throw in the towel on winter and send out a big Thank You to all of you that stopped by Sledheads this short winter and to the many of you that are daily readers that havent had the chance to make it here or are to far away. There were several regulars that I never saw this winter. Hopefully next winter will be a 16 week long one insteand of a 5 or 6 week long one. I will start to cut back on daily updates and try to get one on at least every couple weeks during the summer. Pretty much its just my life story. Below is a picture that a Kieth sent me of his Sledheads license plate he hung on the back of his sled. He said he had it on there for over 300 miles. Maybe next winter we can get more sleds out there with that on them. I was hoping to go up to the u.p. and ride tommorow but I am not so sure that will be able to get to happen. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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