Short and not so sweet

This update will be short because I am heading out shortly to head to Frederic and grab my sled and heading up to Cheboygan where I hope to go for a ride. This is not so sweet because last night at 8 it was still 38 degrees and we are not to far from starting over again on getting the trails back to rideable. It is now 28 here at Lake Margrethe. We had a little sprinkly rain yesterday and the it was sunny and 39 was the highest I saw. I was planning on riding over to Bois Blanc Island today  but with the past couple of warm days I don’t believe I want someone to put an X on my display counter outside of the shop so I am taking my sled with me anyways and going to see if I can ride the trail to Black Mountain that runs southeast of Cheboygan. Also I have been meaning to send out a BIG THANK YOU to Neon Mike at Flint Sign and Design for laminating the trail maps that I have hanging up in Sledheads. Last week he brought me one of the eastern end of the u.p. If anyone is going to the west end of the U.P. please get me  a new map from u p there as I would love to get one of those maps laminated too. Also I see the counter is coming up close to 750,000 so the first person in with a pic to me on that will get a 20 dollar certificate to the Frederic Inn and the next 2 after that will get buy one get one free Spike Burger cards. Thanks for checking in and hoping I can get a ride in. Pete

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