Set for a another great weekend of riding

Things are in superb shape for another great weekend of riding. Trails thruout our area and the whole state are great and I am positive after my excursion earlier this week and the many riders that I have talked to is that the reason it seems slow is the fact that the whole state has great snow. Trailer counts this morning were low in grayling with 2 at the Days Inn and 10 at the Ramada, but in seeing the way things have been flowing the past few weeks that’s about fine, my prediction is there will be a lot more tomorrow. And still the sled traffic into Frederic rides into here from every direction possible. Enjoy it while we can. Temps are supposed to stay in the teens which helps the snow from wearing out on us. Yesterday a father and son duo stopped in here and it was Kent Sr, and Kent Jr.   Junior says he is my biggest fan  but I am afraid he is going to have to wrestle my best friend Josh for that position, but in anycase they were having a great ride. Also this week Sledheads hit the front page of this weeks Grayling paper so I am pasting a picture of that below. Please remember to ride safely and thanks for checking in. Pete

sledheads front page

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