Saturday Oct 13, 11:00 a.m.

Its a cool and rainy morning here in Frederic, went to the grayling homecoming game last night and it was 35 when we left there, only a few more degrees colder and we could have some snow. Last saturday the Happi Trails ATV club had a ride with about 30 machines attending. I was told they passed some other large groups out on the trails with most of them being side by sides. I have seen more atv’s around this year than I ever have before. Wednesday I headed on down to flint and then to detroit for our annual c/21 conference and then went to a sign show at the motor city casino on friday. Of course I had to hit quite a few coney places along my way including one I found in Pontiac called Petes Coney Island. Now after being gone those few days I need to turn vegetarian to make up for everything I had. Winter must be getting closer because I recieved my new 2013 Parts Catalog for sled parts this morning..I will have to take that home and browse thru it. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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