Saturday Morning

So here it is Saturday morning at about 20 degrees out. It got into the 40s yesterday and softened things out but there were only a few sled out. Josh from Fort Wayne was one of the guys staying at the Ramada and they went out for a ride and said they did hit some nice spots but they also hit bad which is to be expected. On the other hand I talked to Jeff & Diane who started out in Paradise yesterday morning and they said they had excellent conditions until they hit Brimley where there was some road ridinvolved but they did make it to the Soo and said that it really was some great riding. I also talked to Don at the Fox River Motel in Seney yesterday and his report was about the same as Frederic with rock hard flat trails but no lube on them and the 2 tracks were the places to get off on to up there. Now in Frederic overnight we had about an inch and a half of new snow and the roads are ice covered but that does give a little lube for your slides, better yet Kalkaska got 3 to 4 inches and even a report of 6 somewhere over there. No matter where you ride or try to its just going to be hit and miss. 2 pictures this morning, one sent to me from Jeff & Diane from the Paradise trails and the other taken early this morning from Bois Blanc Island NW shore.. Larry Pennel takes great pictures and the light under the Mackinaw bridge is the Mackinaw Ice Cutter hard at work early in the morning as the Coast Guard Cutters Mackinaw and Neah Bay are out breaking ice in the Straits of Mackinaw. The Mackinaw was assisting the freighter Joyce L Van Enkenvort through Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 1 photo 2.

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