Saturday Morning

Saturday morning in Frederic, nice temp at 21 degrees at 10:30. Pretty good sled traffic thru town this morning and still no new snow. Riders just in and I have heard it quite a few times in the past couple days that trails are better than you would think. The 3 guys I took pic of yesterday morning out by my trailer rode up to the bridge and said they had a great ride. They were back in here last night before they headed out. Grayling groomers were out last night and I had dinner with them down at the Frederic Inn and there were fresh groomer tracks on the trail to Gaylord this morning too. New snow sure would be nice. Trailer counts still way low this morning with 4 at Motel 72, zero at Days Inn and 7 at the Ramada. Some pretty good size groups in here already this morning and there is a united way fun run taking off from the swamp about noon. There are about 25 sleds over there so far….. Pics below are some in front of the Frederic Inn with a line up of sleds last night and at the gas station, it seemed like there a lot more sleds out after dark. I am sure I have more to say but it just isn’t coming to me right now. Thanks for checking in. PeteĀ  p.s. please send some of that downstate snow up here.IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1074 IMG_1078 IMG_1081

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