Saturday Afternoon

Its already Saturday afternoon with lots of sleds and light snow in the air. Its been pretty hectic here in Sledheads all morning, I just got back from running some guys a belt that were stranded south of four mile road on the trail with no extra belt. Trails are still excellent out there. Also today I need to start off with Happy Birthday wishes to my daughter Haley on her 14th birthday. I have to say that the signs I put up by the railroad tracks have helped a lot here and until late last night or this morning they have stayed in place and then when I got here this morning someone had run two of them over, boy if I could only catch that idiot. I have noticed hardly any sled tracks on the wrong side of the signs so anyone that does get caught up there has no excuse for being up there. The Alabama boys were in yesterday but making sure I knew that CJ had to stay home to work. They said it was 6 degrees at their place in Alabama when they left home along with some snow there. This week they took the easy route by flying from Birmingham to Detroit to Traverse. Now back to the madness of Saturday afternoon, the cops were just in to check out my cameras for someone that took off on them, and then a bunch of other people including map man mike who bought a helmet and he had his cheapskate friend sidekick Cal who didn’t buy anything. Then there was another guy in here that only identified himself as Bud LIte Bob…….so a normal amount of different characters passing thru, I was at the Frederic inn getting a pizza last night and ran into BA Mike and the snow bunny along with Jeff and his snow princess…So I need to get back to work…Thanks for checking in. Pete

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