Same stuff different day

Starting to get a little repetitive but its 11 out and no new snow overnight, I finally got the parking lot all plowed out and ready for some heavy traffic. Only had 2 sleds ride into here yesterday. A guy stopped on his way back from the U.P. where he said they had a big group but most of them had left cause it was so brutally cold. It really feels quite nice out here right now as its not to windy. I am ready to do a good long ride but maybe next week as I have been gone enough here lately. I think all this snow has helped keep the death count down too so far as there have only been 7 and they have all been men between the ages of 31 and 50, please keep that in mind and ride safely. I am pasting a picture of Coreys Crew that stopped by here on Saturday, I wanted to get video of them but I was gone when they got here…They always have a huge group for their annual trip. They are always having a good time. Thanks for stopping everyone and thanks for checking in. Pete

Coreys Crew

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