same old stuff

Still the same old stuff, no new snow, way to warm and I even saw a prediction of 48 this coming weekend. In looking back at my records from last year I never really started recording decent sales till Dec 18th…somehow I think we will be a bit later than that this year. I haven’t totally been slacking off. Working on new shirt designs. Have 3 in the works and should be ready shortly before Christmas. Will put picture of first one below. Will be doing all of them in short sleeve, hoodies and long sleeve t’s. Also a reader sent me a link to a story on the Mountain Man where he was in a story on the Huffington Post. MM has gone world wide. I actually tried to find him yesterday but couldn’t find his camp. He doesn’t have his phone on much but I tried and missed him then I see he tried me and missed me last night. You might have to copy and paste this link to his story.   Also the other day on Pearl Harbor day I did go over and visit my friend Harvey and he shared his Pearl Harbor story with me, but the thing I didn’t know is he told me when he left Hawaii his next mission as a B 17 pilot was D Day. He flew 30 missions there. Very interesting. That’s about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

new sledheads shirts


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