Same headline today

Same headline today, below zero, crunchy and cold. I guess I could have kept this same line all winter so far as things haven’t changed much. Trails have been the best they have been in years and riders have been enjoying it. We just need to get past the next 4 days and hopefully back into the cold without losing our trails. Every year Herb from Ohio comes up and I take him out on an excursion and it seems like every year I tell him we cant do it because the snow is no good, but then by luck it turns out o.k. I am feeling the same way about it this year so hopefully we can get our ride in this coming Friday. I checked the motels this morning and a good amount of riders stayed over for presidents day with 4 at the Days Inn and 18 at the Ramada. Its now 10:20 and I did see a sled down at the gas station but no one has been into Sledheads yet. I have been forgetting to mention that someone turned a skidoo backpack into me here and its full of goodies, if you are missing one give me  a call so you can get it back. A couple weeks ago I talked about the fund raiser for the local movie theatre and they have been doing very well at trying to raise their 100k they need to upgrade their projectors so they can stay in business. They still need a little financial help and it would be great if you can help. They are up to 84k and have 11 days to go so anything will help them meet their goal. Here is a link to their fundraising site      I always try to lend a hand to any sledders that need help on the trail here and its funny that sometimes people are afraid to ask to borrow tools but I never have a problem loaning anybody anything,  They are always surprised when I do as that would never happen at a place downstate or other big places but you know when people are here its only the right thing to do which is the way I always am. I always treat people the way I would  like to be treated so last week when I was at 7 11 a lady came up to me and asked me to help her get her car started, I had some jumper cables and got her going right away. Once again it felt good to just help her out and get her going. Well a couple days later I am turning into 7 11 and a state police car came in right behind me and the officer gets out and comes right at me and I am thinking what did I do? He sticks his hand out to shake hands with me and tells me thanks for helping his wife out the other day…….So now here I am an hour and  half later in the morning and almost noon, had a couple just in that were on their way back from the u.p. riding and picked up one of my big cards that I showed on here last week. They got it from a gas station in mackinaw city, I had left those cards there last week when Jim and I were up there. I have been passing those cards out on sleds all over and leaving those cards everywhere I can. Another couple came in yesterday and I had left one on their sled while they were at the ole barn. Both these sets of people had never heard of sledheads before so they were first timer to here so my big cards are working. If you are heading off in any direction and can help me out by passing them out or leaving them at motels you might go to that would be great. That’s enough rambling for today so thanks for checking in. Pete

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