Rode the Blue Bear Trail to Frederic this morning

It was a beautiful morning today so I decided to ride to Frederic. After raking up leaves in my yard at home and using my machine to drag them to my dump spot I hopped on and rode towards Frederic. First of all I am land locked at home and not able to legally ride out of there but I thought I would chance it and ride here anyways just cause it was so nice out. Lots of deer tracks crossing the trail on the way here and it made me think I should change hunting spots. I made it to Frederic just in time to catch the Dial A Ride bus to give me  a ride back home to get my truck and my side kick known as the fat lazy beagle. Here is a picture of my machine after making it to Frederic. Not what I like to see for Dec 4……This is my machine after my ride up here this morning. I also did a little video that isnt posted yet so that will come later on. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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