Road Trip

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5Road Trip, coming at you this morning from Mitchell South Dakota, my brother Alex and my friend Denny left Rockford, Mi last night about 8. I drove the 1 to 5 am shift. We headed down towards Chicago across to Iowa and up into Jackson Minnesota. That’s about where we started hitting slick roads. We ended up stopping for about an hour to hopefully get the roads cleared. We are an hour or so into south Dakota now and the roads have cleared. There are places with snow and then no snow… hopefully we will get to that point. Now its breakfast time and then back on the road. Pics below are of the swamp yesterday and at the settings at lakes of the north thanks to Brian Lavoy. A couple other pics I have taken on the way to here so far. I just talked to the my helper at Sledheads and of course there was no new snow there overnight either. Time to eat my All American breakfast, I just wish it was coneys. I feel like the Alabama boys except we are missing the big bus. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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