Riders for the Storm

Riders for the storm. I am certain by now you know about the HUGE storm that they are claiming is going to hit us starting this afternoon. The warning alerts have been coming across the tv for over 12 hours already and it seems that we are supposed to be hit with about a foot of wet heavy snow. As I always say I will believe it when I see it…….this is one of those deals if there really is that much the lucky few that can get out on their sleds and run thru it should have a fun ride as even that much snow wont last that long. I am prepared either way, my plow is still on my truck and my sled is fueled up and sitting by the door and if there is any possibility of getting a ride in I will take it. No excuses to myself that I have to much to do. I am going to do it……if we really get it. So next update will either have snow pictures or it wont. But during the night I kept thinking of this so at least enjoy this part    Riders for the Storm    Thanks for checking in and if we do get a ride in Please Ride Safely…Pete

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