Good Morning, as I set here reflecting about all the people that I know of that are veterans out there I would like to personally thank them all along with the many thousands out there that I do not know but have served. This morning on the way to take Haley to school we stopped at the bakery and had the honor of sitting with Harvey Rowland who is 90 plus years old and a Pearl Harbor survivor. Last week in the same spot I sat with 102 year old George Maytn who also was in World War II. Yesterday morning on CBS they had a segment on the wounded warriors that played in a band in Madison Square Gardens last week which made me think of another veteran that I have wrote about here before. Bob Blevins who lives in the U.P. has his own Old Warriors Camp. Here is a link to his website and a video that tells all about his camp that is available at no cost to veterans in V A hospitals. I am proud to call Bob one of my friends.  So take a minute today to thank a veteran and remember them.



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